We are a lively, multicultural, Bible believing, local church based in Enfield, North London. We have members from more than 40 different nations, and of all ages.

We have found that being part of a loving community gives us a sense of purpose and identity. We are united by our love for God and for each other. It really is like being in a big happy family.

Our worship is lively and informal. We are part of the Evangelical Alliance and aim to be biblical in everything we do.

We are strongly committed to prayer and evangelism.

We believe that the church exists to be God’s arms reaching out to those in need. We aim to serve the community around us in a number of different ways and we are always looking for new ways to do so.

For us, church is not about buildings and tradition. Rather it is about knowing and worshiping God, loving people and reaching the lost, all in a context of community.

Why not join us in our mission to build Christ’s Church in Enfield, across North London, and to the ends of the earth?