Twenties Plus

With such a diverse range of ages at Jubilee, we try to cater for every walk of life. Jubilee 20’s Plus is aimed at people ages 18-35 years, people within this age bracket attend our regular church services, but are offered the opportunity to attend 20’s Plus Small Groups as well as a monthly hangout called ‘The Gathering’.

The group is led by Matt and TJ, who are both passionate about creating a Kingdom Culture amongst the young adults within Jubilee, in order to effect change throughout their spheres of influence.

Across our locations we have Small Groups specifically catering for people within Jubilee 20’s Plus. These take place across London and surrounding areas.

jubilee small groups

The Gathering

‘The Gathering’ takes place once a month, offering Jubilee 20’s Plus the opportunity to meet together for an informal hangout. People who fall within this age bracket can fellowship together and eat, as well as participating in worship and teaching.



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