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May 31st  Big Bible Stories – Big Giant


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are back with  tots online again this week. This week we are looking at the big bible story about David and Goliath. Please feel free to share pictures of your children enjoying Jubilee Tots online.


Jubilee Kids


Main Focus: We can obey God.

Objective: God is greater  than anything and because He loves us we can follow Him.

Key Bible Passage: Joshua 6 :1-20. The fall of Jericho.

Memory Verse: “You are great. You do wonderful things. You alone are God.” Psalm 86:10



Worship Time

Get your children together, let them know how excited you are to be doing church with them today. Encourage them to stand up, dance with them and have fun during worship.

David and Goliath Song

Only a boy named David

You can be brave (David and Goliath song)

Source Saddleback Kids & Crossroads Kids Club & Orange Kids



Bible Story

Settle down with your children to watch the bible story.

David and Goliath

Goliath was a big problem for the people of Israel. But God was stronger than their problem. God is stronger than anything that scares us. God loves us. We don’t have to be afraid..



Prayer Time

Pray for your child and pray for all the other children in Jubilee Church. Thank God that he is a big God and we can follow him. Encourage your child to pray as they are able.



Craft Time

ITEMS NEEDED: Paper, finger-paints

ADVANCED PREPARATION: Write your  paper in black marker: “God is strong. I don’t have to be scared.”

DIRECTIONS: Give each of your children paper and some paints. Let them know that the theme of this art piece is “God is strong. I don’t have to be scared.” Let their imagination and creativity run free. (For a less messy alternative, you can use watercolors or crayons instead of finger paints.)



Make David’s Stones

You will Need : Modeling clay

Davids Sling

DIRECTIONS: Show your children  this  picture of the type of sling David probably used in his battle with Goliath. Get your children to  mold the clay to create 5 smooth stones along with their own version of David’s sling. Encourage children  to use their creativity and not to worry if their sling looks different from the picture. Remind your children that because God is strong and because he loves us, even small stones like these can bring down a mighty giant.



GAME TIME:  Have a simple scavenger hunt. Hide five small stones throughout your lounge, house or garden  and get your children  find them.


PLAYING: Play superheroes with your little ones. What special powers do your superheroes have? Are your superheroes afraid of anything? (Say, Kryptonite for example.) Even the greatest hero is afraid of something. But because God loves us and is stronger than anything we face. We never have to be afraid.


EATING: During mealtime prayer, thank God for providing the food that makes us strong. Thank God for being stronger than anything we come against. Thank God for his love.


SNUGGLING: As you cuddle with your little ones, remind them that they don’t have to be scared of anything. You are there for them whatever problems arise. And God is stronger than anything that frightens us. Pray for God to help us not be afraid.

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