29 July 2024 - 3 August 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dates of Newday this year?

This year Newday will run from Monday 29th July – Saturday 3rd August. The camp itself runs from Monday to Friday and we leave to go home on the Saturday.

2. Where does the coach depart from and arrive back to?

The coach leaves from Enfield Cineworld car park (EN1 1QY) on the Monday. It will arrive back at either Southbury Leisure Centre or TGIs Enfield on the Saturday. These locations are all next to each other and you will receive text updates on the day to let you know the exact location and ETA.

3. How many youth are in a tent?

There will be 3-4 youth per tent.

4. Can I choose who is in my tent?

We make the decision about the final tent allocations as we need to ensure that all youth are included and catered for and that no one is left out.

We do however take tent suggestions where we take into account requests made. Please note that these are only suggestions and there is no guarantee that you will be in a tent with everyone you list in your tent suggestions.

Please complete your tent suggestion here

Please note that any tent suggestions sent via email will not be acknowledged. Please only send suggestions via the above form once you have purchased a ticket. If you submit a suggestion without having purchased a ticket your request will not be acknowledged

5. Can my children share a tent?

If your children are the same gender and very close in age then they may be able to share a tent. However if there is a significant age gap between two siblings then they will be unable to share a tent, as tents are allocated with age/year groups taken into account

6. Are boys and girls able to share tents?

No. As stated on the behaviour agreement form, if a boy is found in a girls tent or vice versa then they will be sent home.

7. I will be 19 years old by the 31st August but I am still in Year 13 – can I come to Newday?

No. You have to be 18 years old by the 31st August in order to come to Newday as a delegate. If you have repeated a year at school we will be unable to allow you to come.

8. How much money will my child need to take?

We are unable to give a definitive figure, however be mindful that it is 5 days away, with costs of things varying greatly.

For example:

Drinks – £1

Sweets – £1.50

Ice creams – £2-3

Milkshakes – £4

Food court items – £6-10

There are also books available to purchase from the bookshop, and Newday takes an offering on the final day. There are all things to consider when deciding how much to give your child.

9. Should I give my child cash or a debit card?

Ideally a debit card is preferred. Most vendors on site take contactless payments. Also if they lose their card it allows you the power to block their card from wherever you are.

We recommend having a very small amount in cash also as some vendors may be cash only.

If you decide to give them cash, youth leaders are unable to look after their money for them. There are also no cash points on site for cash withdrawal.

We are not liable should your child lose any cash on them.

10. What happens if my child loses something?

Your child is responsible for all items that they bring with them. Please label all things clearly and encourage them to keep things safe. Having a pouch or a side bag is a good way to keep valuable items safe.

As stated on the Behavioural Agreement Form, Jubilee Church is not responsible for any items that are lost on the campsite, so please be mindful of the items that your child brings with them to Newday.

11. I’ve heard other people say they have received email updates about Newday. Why am I not receiving any emails about Newday?

If your email on the sign up is correct, there is a likelihood that in the past you have flagged a complaint about emails from Jubilee Church London and have marked them as spam.

To confirm this please send an email to [email protected] for us to check if this is the case.

If this is indeed the case then you’ll be sent a link where you will need to cancel your complaint and agree to receive emails from us once again. Until this happens we will legally be unable to send you any email updates as the database will restrict any emails that we attempt to send out