The M6:8 Project

The M6.8 Project provides a place of refuge for those facing domestic abuse, by providing support services that will love, build-up and empower individuals and families to live a life free from fear. The aim of this project is it to help, support and educate anyone who has or could be vulnerable to domestic abuse.


Our Values

  • To educate and empower people about domestic abuse
  • To support individuals and families to free themselves from harmful situations from beginning to end.
  • To raise awareness of all forms of domestic abuse


Services we offer:

  • We help and facilitate all that is required to help anyone be at peace and free from abuse.
  • We arrange transport and organisation of the safely removal of people from their abuser.
  • Help, Guidance and support from the moment we have been contacted until the individual or family no longer needs us.
  • Liaising with other organisation to help each case get the help they need. Such as housing, financial support, emotional support, safeguarding, police.
  • Training: Domestic abuse awareness, coercive behaviour – spotting the signs, breaking cycles.
  • 24 hr support line
  • Moral support when reporting crimes and going to court/trial
  • Emergency accommodation while awaiting a refuge place
  • Signposting: Foodbank, Social services
  • Awareness: through school visit and outreaches to the community
  • Parenting course
  • To support and facilitate contact and mediation sessions
  • Counselling


Who do we help:

We help anyone (male or female, old and young) that is experiencing any form of Domestic abuse. We help all races, religions, sexual preference. Abuse does not discriminate and neither do we.


Learn more by visiting our dedicated website.